Eat & Drink

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Every bar at Shaq’s Fun House is a FREE open bar all night long. Enjoy cocktails, beer, soft drinks and more throughout the 6 hour open bar!

Coyo Taco
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Miami’s freshest Mexican street food experience. At Coyo Taco, guacamole is smashed to order and tortillas are handcrafted on-site in an authentic Mexican tradition. Vegetables are farm fresh and locally sourced. meat and seafood are naturally raised and humanely treated. Aguas frescas and margaritas are made from scratch. staying true to our todo fresco, or ‘everything fresh’ philosophy, our ingredients are 100% natural.

Pubbelly Sushi

Pubbelly Sushi quickly is a favorite among Miami locals and visitors alike. Blending Chef Jose Mendin’s creativity with vibrant flavors, fresh high-quality ingredients and a lot of fun, this next-level neighborhood sushi tavern has raised the bar.

STK Steak House

STK artfully blends the modern steakhouse and a chic lounge into one, offering a dynamic, fine dining experience with the superior quality of a traditional steakhouse. As Miami Beach’s favorite steakhouse, STK distinguishes itself with a vibrant mix of stylish dining and lounge spaces paired with signature menus and world-class service.

Papa John’s

Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.

The secret to success is much like the secret to making a better pizza – the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Papa John’s pizza family is as hungry for perfection today as they were when they first opened our doors more than 30 years ago.

Knaus Berry Farms

Each October a Miami ritual takes place… Knaus Berry Farms opens and people come from far and wide to line up for hours to get a taste of these nationally recognized cinnamon rolls. Founded in 1956 Knaus Berry farms sticks to what it knows best and provides incredible home made baked goods that will make your mouth water.

Carnival foods

We will be offering a number of delicious carnival treats at Shaq’s fun House including cotton candy, funnel cakes and popcorn at various stands throughout the venue all night long!

N7 Ice Cream

Forget about the mad science ice cream labs. N7 is here to focus on making exceptional ice cream! Everyone knows that nitrogen helps make ice cream smoother but They took it a step further by making their own cream daily, and using natural fruit flavorings with no added sugars. When you put it all together they are able to make the freshest and purest ice cream you’ve ever had!